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UF/IFAS DeLuca Preserve

UF/IFAS DeLuca Preserve

Frequently Asked Questions

Data Access

  • How do I access and download content on the Data Hub?

    Visit the Data Hub link. You must click “Follow to View Data” to grant yourself access to the content. Once you click on a data catalog item, you can view and download it. 

  • Are there GIS data or shapefiles of DeLuca Preserve that I can download?

    Yes, please visit the Data Hub to view and download geographic data from the dataset section. 

  • What are the terms of use for the data on the Data Hub?

    Please read the terms here (viewable once you follow the Data Hub). Terms are also listed under each catalog item’s license details. 

Station Use

  • Are there navigation maps of DeLuca Preserve?

    Yes, please visit the Data Hub to view and download maps from the documents section. 

  • How can I navigate at the preserve with my mobile phone?

    Once you download PDF maps from the Data Hub, you can open them in the Avenza mobile app to see your location on the PDF map. 

  • Are there physical demarcations at DeLuca Preserve to help with navigation?

    Partially. Some of the gates throughout the preserve have numeric signage, which can be crossed referenced on a PDF map.

    Additionally, the preserve is divided into management areas and units, often delineated by roads, fences, or canals (but not in all cases). However, there is no physical signage of the area names at this time. 

  • Do I need to inform DeLuca Preserve of when I visit?

    Yes, you need to submit your arrival and departure times for each visit. 

Research Use

  • Do I need to provide DeLuca Preserve the locations of my research plots?

    Yes, please upload your plots by submitting to this survey 

  • Can I contribute any baseline data to the DeLuca Data Hub?

    Yes, please upload your data here. 

  • How do I provide updates about the status of my research project?

    Contact us at

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